Hovelsrud farm
at Helgøya


The island of Helgøya is home to Hovelsrud farm and the beautiful historical garden. We have long traditions of producing high quality food. We make food in a sustainable way with respect for nature and with the best possible animal welfare.

The Historical garden

The garden at Hovelsrud has been restored as closely as possible to it's 1840's splendor. The plant is strictly symmetrical, with a strong main axis that runs right down through it all. In the garden you can walk the precisely laid out paths between fruit trees and bushes, all set against the stunning backdrop of the shimmering lake. In addition to the formal gardens there is a large kitchen garden stocked with plants and fruits popular in the 1800's. From the garden we produce all kinds of berries and fruits, as well as jam and juices.

The gardens was awarded the National Cultural Landscape Award by the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Organization and the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food, In 2014 Hovelsrud farm was awarded the Europa Nostra Award - The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage in the category 'Conservation', see this link.


Hovelsrud organic chicken

At Hovelsrud farm, we believe that animals that have had a good life taste better. Our chickens live longer and grow at their own pace. Plenty of space, natural food and activity give the chickens a happy life - it makes both the taste better and the meat juicier.

Hovelsrudkylling is organic chicken, approved by the animal welfare organization as the only chicken in Norway recommended by the animal welfare association.

We were nominated for Matprisen in 2017, have numerous recommendations from chefs and food writers and came top in a blind test of Norwegian chickens.

For inquiries about the chicken, please email kylling@hovelsrud.no

Hovelsrud Gård - Økologisk kylling

Opening hours and
visitor information

Opening hours and visitor information

June: Season opening Sunday 6 June and open following Saturdays and Sundays 12-15.
July: Thursday to Sunday 12-15.
August: Saturday and Sunday 12-15.

Guided tour Sundays at 14.

Entrance 125 NOK. Groups by appointment. Please contact us at gardspost@hovelsrud.no

For overnight stays, we rent out different houses, see “accommodation

Address and directions

Helgøyvegen 960, 2350 Nes På Hedmark

Hovelsrud Gård - Hagen
Hovelsrud Gård - Marianne i Hagen