The garden has been restored to the way it was when it was laid out in the 1840s. The plant is strictly symmetrical, with a strong main axis that runs right down through it all: Into the main door, through the garden room, out into the garden and down the steep garden stairs, further down the long chestnut alley down to the shore, where it lands softly out in the fjord.

Hovelsrud Gård - Hagen
Hovelsrud Gård - Marianne i Hagen

The historic garden

The garden is today recreated as it once was when Nils Hoel laid it out. Especially for Hovelsrud is the large amount of documentation, which has made it possible to return it to the way it once was. It is a rich source material. Most important of all is the garden drawing, probably made in the 1880s. This, together with Hovelsrudboka, the farm's own history book, has been a unique starting point for the return. Nils Hoel was the second son on the neighboring farm Hovinsholm. His father was a member of the Storting, and Nils was also himself for a period. His uncle owned Hoel, another of the large farms on the mainland. All of these homes that shaped his upbringing had sophisticated landscaping. Nils was educated in Christiania, had traveled to Denmark and seen gardens and houses there, but was first and foremost a driving skilled farmer and gardener. He plans the garden at Hovelsrud in a period when the collective garden taste goes from the landscape to a larger geometric order. The European villa complex will be a model for the garden he builds.

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The garden was awarded the national cultural landscape prize for 2012 and in 2014 the Europa Nostra Award / EU cultural conservation prize. Watch the film from the Nostra Awards here.

"Olssøn is awarded the prize for his great efforts in restoring, documenting and disseminating knowledge about historic gardens, as an important part of the cultural heritage and values in the cultural landscape"

The National Cultural Landscape Award, 2012

Hovelsrud Gård - Marianne i hagen

The kitchen garden

The large farm kitchen at Hedemarken did not stand back for any kitchen in its time, and a rich and large kitchen garden was the very foundation. We have recreated the kitchen garden with historical varieties of abundant, green plants, mixed with edible flowers and herbs. Every year we make new patterns from the vegetables. And everything is grown organically, of course.

Hovelsrud Gård - Hagen
Hovelsrud Gård - Hagen

The fruit and berry garden

The investment in ecology is an investment in the agriculture of the future. We believe that agriculture in Norway should be turned towards more sustainable production. We need to eat more local food, in season, and with better animal welfare.

At Hovelsrud we make clean food. We run a sustainable farm according to ecological principles, with the best possible animal welfare and a high ethical standard. Our animals and plants are treated with care, respect and with the environment in mind. It provides better quality. Our products are therefore valued by conscious consumers and the best restaurants in Norway.

Visit the garden

Hagen er åpen for besøkende i sommerhalvåret. Her kan du vandre på grusganger mellom bærhekker og frukttrær, her er lysthus og fontener og Mjøsa blinker i bakgrunnen. Vi har gårdsbutikk med varer fra hagen og selvfølgelig vår økologiske kylling.

Åpningstider for 2024:

Hagen åpner søndag 9. juni. Hagen er deretter åpen lørdager og søndager fra kl 12.00 til kl 15.00. På søndager er det omvisning kl 14.

Siste åpningsdag er søndag 25. august.

Groups by appointment. Get in touch at

Entrance NOK 150 per person.

It is not necessary to order a ticket if you want to arrive during opening hours. Children under 12 free.

There is no honorarium discount.

We have a big St. Berhard dog, Bella, so there will be a lot of noise if a dog comes to her yard.

Helgøyvegen 960, 2350 Nes På Hedmark

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Hovelsrud Gård - Hagen